1) We sincerely apologize for the prodigious delay. Thanks to those of you who stuck with us (:. At least one admin is now randomly capping episodes from various series to upload. Feel free to request anyone or any series.

2) And damn, Riker, how tight must your briefs be to get that perky?

- Admin K

Chekov/Sulu:  Then and now. 

Those expressions say it all. Aww no you did not just think we’re not a couple and Homoerotic tension rising.

I ship that.

- Admin S

P.S. And I mean really. I know you can’t see past their waists in this, but you know those guys have the hardware down there. I could probably go on forever about Yelchin. That little Russian nymph makes quite the naughty little navigator. You see him running to try and save Sulu and Kirk?  I can do zat… I can do zat all ze nightsss.

Those thighs. That bulge. That Chair.
Honey, you’ve even got Bones a bit antsy.
- Admin S 

Kirk knows what’s up. As much as I normally get turned-off by cross-dressing, getting to see more of those fine legs through that little skirt seems like a great idea. The twelve months of Spock. I would buy that, though I wouldn’t be able to resist the curiosity of what’s under that tiny piece of clothing. 

 - Admin S

look at that elegant Doctor in that nice cross-legged pose. look at that magnificently fitted pair of pants on Kirk. look at that damn piece of furniture in the way of equally well-fitted pants on Spock.
-Admin K

i like that thigh view. sit like that more often.
- Admin K

Let me grab your succulent legs!
- Admin S

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Robot Dinosaurs